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Reflection on the Notion of “Pagans Eat Their Elders” from Gaia Gathering 2017

Last weekend was Gaia Gathering, a Canadian National Pagan Conference that happens every two years. After so many years, Calgary was hosting it, despite many years of being known as a terribly fractured community. Would we be able to pull … Continue reading

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The Question of Community – Again


Horizontal Violence is harmful behavior, via attitudes, actions, words, and other behaviors that is directed towards us by another colleague. Horizontal violence controls, humiliates, denigrates or injures the dignity of another. Horizontal violence indicates a lack of mutual respect and value for the worth of the individual and denies another’s fundamental human rights.

~ From “Horizontal Violence Position Statement” found on the Proactive Nurse website:

The question of what happened to the community seems to come up every few years; the last notable time in my locale was when Brendan Myers stopped in my old hometown while on a cross-Canada trek in 2008 (or was it 2009?).

The history of the larger community in my locale is not a pretty one and after almost 20 years of what the nursing community now calls “horizontal violence”, people began pulling away from the larger community and quietly forming groups of their own.

Questions were asked in response to the big question of where the larger community went: “Why does there only need to be one Community in Calgary, particularly one that is so unhealthy? Why can there not be several smaller, thriving communities?”

I think you’ll find that quite a few people have asked those very same questions and, as a result, smaller and private communities are thriving in Calgary. They are quietly going about their business and are happy to do so without involving themselves with the greater community. People are becoming more involved with more established global communities or starting projects of their own, away from Calgary. It seems to be healthier that way.

It all boils down to this: Nobody wants to live in a spiritual cesspool, which is what the larger community became over almost two decades. Eventually, people see the writing on the wall, vote with their feet and leave. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.
When there is no trust, something as big as the Gaia Gathering won’t happen in Calgary. It took over 20 years for that trust to be destroyed time and time again. Don’t expect such a quick turnaround. That kind of damage might take twice as long to heal.

This sort of thing has not been isolated to Calgary, though. Pagan communities all over North America are seeing the same thing. Spiritual bullying is no longer being tolerated anywhere and people are voting with their feet.

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Some Thoughts About The Focus on Ritual

What role does ritual play in the life of the Modern Druid? There is no universal standard for rituals and they can be performed in a manner that the practitioner sees fit. Some people opt for very involved and theatrical … Continue reading

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